How to Set Outlook as Your Default Email Program

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Outlook as your default email client. Setting up an email client enables users to instantly access email accounts for various purposes ranging from emailing to contact management. MS Outlook is one among the most popular applications used for mail management services. Large group of users totally depends upon Outlook application for configuring automatic mailing platform on their systems. Considering an email client crucial for day to day email management, Data Recover Blogger brings forth a detailed guide for setting up MS Outlook as a default email application on different Windows Platform.

Method for setting up Outlook as a default email client using Direct Options from Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook, select ‘Options’ from the ‘Tools’ menu.
  • From the ‘Options’ window, explore tab named as ‘Other’
  • Simply select the check box for making outlook as default program
  • Once done, click OK. Your email client is set.

Method for setting up Outlook as a default email client for Windows…

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How DBF Recovery Software Recovers Data from the Corrupted DBF Files

DBF is the most popular file format of database files. All files in dBase and Visual FoxPro are stored in this format. However, there are times when these files get corrupted and need severe treatment for regaining access to the original data. Considering the fatal corruption errors and further complex solutions for resolving the problem, SysInfoTools has introduced an easy to operate DBF Recovery software for restoring data from infected DBF files. Users can save recovered data either in MDB or DBF format for further use.

Here is how you can use the trial version of this software at absolutely no cost. The tutorial will help you with a detailed step by step procedure for operating the software pre or post purchase.

Step by Step Help Manual for Operating the DBF Recovery Software

Step 1

Launch SysInfoTools DBF Repair (demo) exe on your local machine.

ImageStep 2

Click Yes to initialize Setup Wizard.

ImageStep 3

Once the Setup Wizard appears, click Next to continue.

ImageStep 4

The wizard will prompt you to accept the License Agreement. Accept it and click on Next.

ImageStep 5

Choose the location and click on Next to continue.

ImageStep 6

Select Start Menu Folder- If you want to continue, click on Next or if you want to choose another location, click on Browse.


Step 7

Click on Next if you want to select additional icons.

ImageStep 8

Upon doing so, Setup will become ready for installation. Click on Install now.


Step 9

Wait until the Setup is running on your machine.

ImageStep 10

Once the Setup finishes with installation procedure, click on Finish button to continue further.

ImageStep 11

Upon completion of installation, the SysInfoTools DBF Recovery (demo) will open a Home Screen that will let you browse the required .DBF file.

ImageStep 12

From the list, select your file and click on Open.

ImageStep 13

Software will show the selected .DBF file in edit box. Click Next to continue further.

ImageStep 14

The SysInfoTools DBF Recovery (demo) will start with repair process. Wait until the repair is completed.

ImageStep 15

Once completed, you may look at the records. Click on Next to continue.

ImageStep 16

Select a desired location on your system for saving the repaired .DBF file by browsing through your choice of location.

ImageStep 17

Once, you are done with selecting location, click on OK.

ImageStep 18

Your location choice will reflect in the Edit box. Save your recovered file as DBF or MDB file using the Save As option.

ImageStep 19

The only limitation to the download version is that it prevents you from saving the file and you would only be able to see a preview of the recovered files. Click on OK.

ImageStep 20

Choose OK to close the application.


Folders.dbx File is Missing or Damaged: Errors & Resolution

The post contains a list of various errors messages that you may face if the ‘Folders.dbs file is found either missing or completely damaged on your system. Also, it throws light on the probable causes and offers appropriate solution to overcome this situation.

Error Messages

Any of the following mentioned errors can be observed if your Folder.dbx file is at fault.

  • MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module “unknown”
  • Outlook Express: The message could not be sent. There is not enough Disk space.
  • MSIMN caused an exception C0000006h in module Directdb.dll
  • MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Directdb.dll
  • MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll
  • Unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP Port: 0 Secure: No [SSL] Error: 0x800c0131

Manual Resolution of the Problem

This situation can be overcome by renaming the name of the Folder.dbx file. You can do the same by following the given steps:

  1. Click on Start button and go to Find. On here, click Files or Folders.
  2. Type the name of the file in the Named box.
  3. Click on your primary hard disk and choose Find Now using the Look In box.
  4. Once after locating the Folder.dbx file, click to rename it using the right-click of your mouse (usually used to explore renaming option)
  5. Rename it to Folders.old and click OK.
  6. Now launch Outlook Express. It will automatically create a fresh folder named a Folders.dbx.

You can also use SysInfoTools DBX Recovery if the above methods sounds insufficient or you have limited time to wait for the files to recover through the manual solution.

PDF Corruptions, Causes and Solution

PDF or the Portable Document Format files are widely used for storing valuable information. Due to its advanced features, PDFs are largely used for business purposes or exchange of sensitive information, tutorials, proposals etc. This has made users dependent on this file type. However, with regressive use PDF files may face several corruption errors which may become too worse to handle at times.

Causes behind PDF corruption

  • Interrupted uploading or downloading due to loss of internet connection or frequently breaking connectivity on the user’s end.
  • Unknown shutdown error or system freezing.
  • Storage media malfunction.
  • Human errors which involve manhandling PDF files.
  • Any type of system hardware or software failure.

The above factors are majorly responsible for making a PDF file corrupted and may even make it inaccessible by bringing it up to a level where the file is considered as broken. A broken PDF cannot be opened in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Corruption message alerts which you may receive while opening a corrupted PDF file

Reader or the acrobat application constantly indicates about the failure of a PDF file or send messages associated with the corruption as follows:

  • Damaged PDF file or Corrupt File.
  • Error opening file.1
  • Missing root object
  • Root object missing.
  • File couldn’t resume with %PDF.
  • Error processing this page.
  • File contains invalid coding.

Solution for PDF Corruption

Corrupted PDF files are pretty difficult to deal with. Once corrupted these needs to be carefully examined and repaired with appropriate solution. It is nearly impossible to apply a temporary solution to a corrupted PDF file and access it. Therefore, it is suggested that users should keep a backup copy of each and every PDF document that they create or modify. However the same becomes tough in case of the already corrupted PDF files which you may receive from outer sources. In such circumstances, you can ask the sender to resend the document, yet you couldn’t be sure that you will receive an error free file. It may happen that the user unknowingly on the other hand may be keeping a copy of only corrupted PDF file and he too lacks the original information. The another way to avoid dealing with corrupted PDF files is to get them fixed with a PDF repair software that can easily diagnose your files for errors and may provide a viable solution.

SysInfoTools offers a competitive PDF Repair solution that aims to deliver support for the corrupted PDF documents. It has been designed in an easy to operate manner and can work with greater ease. The software comes with unique two mode recovery feature that enables it to recover PDF documents in two different modes which further treats major and minor errors accordingly. Also, it is capable of rebuilding corrupt PDF file under the same file name. Rest other, specifications can be read on the company’s products page.

How to Repair PST files Using ScanPST.EXE

PST files may go missing due to various reasons. Sometimes it’s due to human errors while sometimes system generated errors or modification leads to missing a PST file that you may want to locate at a particular location but finds it tough to retrieve either a copy or the original source file for some reason. In such a case, you can use Scanpst.exe application for repairing errors associated with a particular PST file. This utility enables fixing of errors and maintaining the file for further use.

1Fix PST File Errors

Here is how you can go about fixing errors on a particular PST file using the ScanPST.EXE application as offered by the Microsoft.

  • Scanpst.exe tool can be located at the following location on your system:

drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12

  • Exit the running Outlook application if in active mode.
  • Double click on ScanPST.EXE for executing the application.
  • In the box that appears, type the file name for the file that you want to repair.
  • Select the appropriate text for fetching the scan log and click on Start.
  • Once the scanning is completed, the repair tool will give a message indicating whether your PST file contains errors or not. In case of an infected file, you will be prompted for initiating repair process.
  • Click OK to run repair. A backup file will be created simultaneously while the repair is going on. This file will be saved to a default location along with the default name. You can change the file name as well as location by renaming option and may move this folder to a specific location.
  • Once the repairing will be completed, you will get a message about process completion. Now, launch the Outlook application.
  • Click on Menu and select Folder list.

The folder list will contain a folder which is named as Recovered Personal Folders that further contains lost and found folders or the default folder that contains all the recovered data as repaired by the Scanpst.exe repair tool.

The Scanpst.exe is a built-in utility tool that has its own limitations which restricts it from operating in all kind of environment and it fails to perform in case of fatal errors. In such situations, a reliable OST File Recovery Software can be utilized for complete recovery of PST file data.


Are you Dealing with Corrupted Exchange BKF Files? Continue Reading for Solution

Microsoft Exchange offers flexibility for exchanging email data with so much of ease and effectiveness. There already exists a large user base of MS Exchange that reports millions of users for sharing connections each second minute. MS Exchange stores a large amount of data which can also be accessed using a mobile handset. In a lot of cases, MS Exchange data becomes inaccessible due to various corruption errors reported by the Exchange Server. This leaves a normal user disappointed. However, it’s not a cause of worry because in this ever techie world, every error comes with a solution and so the BKF files come with.

What are BKF files?

These are the files which are used for storing MS Exchange data and these files use .BKF as a file extension. These files contains all sorts of MS Exchange data varying from simple email messages to tasks, calendars, properties, schedules and other related MS Exchange items.

Creating a Backup for BKF files

The BKF files store crucial data from MS Exchange server that needs to be available to the users at the time of need or according to the urgency. Therefore, creating a backup is always a right choice. The backup can be created with the help of NT-Backup utility program which comes along with Windows versions, considering Windows Vista and later versions an exception.

NT-Backup utility is an advanced tool that aims to offer unique solution for combating situations like MS Exchange Server corruption or any kind of bug attack that leads to inaccessible mail items available in the BKF files. Any level of user may retrieve BKF file data using this tool. This tool effortlessly takes up backup for all your email and email items and creates a BKF file for effective restoration of the information at the time of need.

However, it is often seen that due to constant backup creation, uploading and information retrieval, these file become prone to frequent corruption that further leaves them inaccessible or unusable. In such situation, the sole purpose of backup process fails and user finds himself in an awkward position.

What should be done to repair a corrupted BKF File?

BKF files can be repaired using a Backup Exec BKF Repair tool. This tool is effective for eliminating all sorts of corruption errors or fixing them by providing feasible solution. It can be used with all types of BKF files irrespective of size or MS Exchange Server account. With its outstanding error handling ability, the Backup Exec BKF Repair tool repairs and fix BKF files and make them ready for restoration purposes. Check out how the software performs in real time environment.

What may cause corruption in BKF File

  • Bug attacks, viruses, spyware, unknown system malfunctions
  • Backup job interruptions
  • Unexpected storage media functions
  • Unexpected power failure
  • Failure of CRC to respond

Probable Error messages associated with MS Exchange Server Corruption

    • Corrupted database files
    • Abnormally terminated information store
    • Database files are inconsistent
    • Failed to read from database

How to Manually Change SQL Server 2008 Password

There can be instances when you may end up losing or forgetting SQL server 2008 login password. This situation can be a real tough one when you don’t know about how to reset or regain access to your secure SQL database. In this situation anybody may feel disappointed and a little lost about what should or shouldn’t be done in order to bring things in place. The ManualDataRecovery bloggers has taken a step towards solving your SQL Server login problems by providing the most authentic manual solutions for resetting SQL Password. Also, it introduces you to one of the most authentic SQL Server password recovery software that can be used as a choice over manual solutions in case these fail to provide any assistance due to limited approach.

Manually change password SQL server 2008

A. By Windows Authentication

You can login with an ID that belongs to Administrators group and may reset SA password if you have an inbuilt administrator available with SQL 2008 Server. For doing so, you will need to follow the given steps;

  •        Use Windows Authentication for initializing SQL 2008 server.
  •        Open Login Folder using the Security folder as available with Object Explorer. Now, rght click on SA account and enter into Properties.
  •        Type a new SQL password here, confirm it and click OK to finish the process.  Once done, your new SA password is reset.

B. Using a Query Window

  1. Initialize SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Open a fresh query
  3. Type and execute the following command as shown in the image:



C. Using Command Prompt

  • Run command prompt and type in the following command:

osql –L

  • Enter and type another command as follows:

OSQL -S <insert_servername_here> -E

Make sure to type in the full name of your SQL Server

  • Enter and type the following query:

sp_password NULL, ‘<insert_new_password_here>’, ’sa’

Make sure to add a new password that you are most likely to remember to avoid odd scenarios.

Regain access to SQL Server account using SQL Server password recovery solution

With its unique approach to unlock the admin account, it can be used for regaining access to the secured SQL server database.  SQL Server password recovery from SysInfoTools is innovative software that can crack as well as reset SQL server passwords including the system administrator passwords. It runs compatibly with all major as well as minor versions of SQL Server including the SQL Server 2014. It is one the highly recommended password recovery products available in the software market. If you are facing a tough time trying to reset SQL server passwords and yet not have gained any progress in that matter, then better switch to this software before it’s too late. Download its free version for trial and see how best it can perform.

A How to Manual for Importing and Exporting Contacts in MS Outlook

Importing Contacts in MS Outlook

Given blow is a step by step procedure for importing Contacts to MS Outlook from a web client, database or any Excel spreadsheet:

  • Launch MS Outlook.
  • Go to File tab and click on Open, then choose Import.
  • On being asked, click on Import from another program or file and click Next.
  • By clicking on Browse, locate the file that you may want to import in Outlook and click OK.
  • Choose an appropriate folder under Select destination and click Next.
  • Once done, click on Finish to end the process.

Exporting Contacts in MS Outlook

Given blow is a step by step procedure for exporting Contacts to MS Outlook from a web client, database or any Excel spreadsheet:

  • Launch MS Outlook.
  • Go to File tab and click on Open, then choose Import.
  • From the Import and Export Wizard, choose Export to a file and click Next.
  • In the dialog box that appears, insert the file type that you may want your exported file to use.
  • Select the contact folder and click Next.
  • Select the destination folder by browsing through the location where you want to export Outlook contacts. Give your file a new name and click OK.
  • Click Next and click on Finish.

How to Merge Documents in OpenOffice

Merging in OpenOffice application is one good way to compare content from different OpenOffice documents for creating a single file with much preferred or needed content. Merging feature in the OpenOffice application allows users to analyze the difference among different documents and it helps them in making the entire system much organized. However, not all OpenOffcie members offer this feature and this remains limited to OpenOffice Writer and OpenOffice Calc applications, still this is a better option to go with.

In both the applications viz, Writer and Calc, merging is quite easy and doable. For doing so:

One needs to click on Edit then on Changes that may lead you to merge document in a click by only choosing Merge Documents.

You only need to locate the documents that you need to merge and click on Open.

In this manner, merging of two documents for easy evaluation will be done by the OpenOffice application.

This process is quite simple and is easy to perform because it is automated due to built-in feature but many a times, Openoffice application fails to initialize the merge command and prevents your preferred documents from merging. This could be troublesome. What you should do in such situation? Here’s a solution:

Click on Edit and click on Compare Documents.

Click on “Accept” or “Reject“, manually on each modification that appears in the list in order to complete merging of required OpenOffice documents.

Adding or deleting generally leads to various modifications in the OpenOffice documents. Changes made by different authors represent author specific colors in underline for easy identification.


How to Manually Recover Deleted Email(s) from Outlook

People often use emails at a regular basis, being it the most popular mode of communication. The reason behind email communication popularity lies in the fact that these are the most affordable and cost effective communication solution. Be it a business or an individual, email communication plays a vital role. Everyone depend on email these days because it merely takes few bytes of your internet usage and burdens less on your pockets.

An average email user is reported to receive at least twelve or even more emails in a week while the number just doubles for the one who takes an active participation in email exchange for various business or personal reasons. Not only this, but the emails sent also occupies a reasonable amount of space in the mailbox that may lead to mailbox corruption or accidental deletion of email messages or items due to various bug attacks.

Users are often advised to delete emails on a routine basis in order to keep a well-managed mail account. However, this is not something that all users take too seriously and maintains their email accounts in an expected manner which often leads them to troubles related to accidental deletion of emails.

Emails deleted purposely or accidentally go to Deleted Items folder from where these can be recovered at anytime.

Why somebody would need to recover deleted emails?

In most of the cases, when people clean up their email boxes, they end up deleting an important email that they never wanted to delete. In such circumstances, they would look for all possible measures to restore the email(s) that was unintentionally deleted. Emails that go to Deleted Items folder can be easily recovered but those which get deleted from this folder are quite tricky to recover. In that case, you would need to follow the below given steps for ensuring that your crucial email data is restored in your mailbox in its original form.

Manual steps to recover Deleted Items in Outlo0k 2010

Choose Deleted Items folder.

Go to File menu.

Click on Recover Deleted Items as available under the Clean up group.

One by one select the email items that you want to restore.

Click on Recover Selected Items.

Manual steps to recover Deleted Items in Outlo0k 2007

Select the Deleted Items folder.

Now, click on Recover Deleted Items under the Tools tab.

Select the email items that you want to recover.

Click on Recover Selected Items.

The above manual solutions can be used to recover deleted emails in case of email deletion from the Deleted Items folders which means that you deleted emails from inbox and those went to the Deleted Items Folder and then lately, these were accidentally deleted from this folder. In case the situation is different from the one listed above or you may have directly deleted the email items using the Shift + Delete shortcut key, you will need an email recovery software to help restore the deleted mail items which cannot be recovered using manual solutions. Also, you can look for PST recovery tool, in case of PST file corruption.